Our Vision

We’re Building Something Together.

Details is part of Humanim, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, which means the impact you make by working with us is more than environmental—it’s social. Working with our team of experts protects the environment and grows the Baltimore workforce, enhancing the economic development of our community. Every Details project diverts salvageable materials from overflowing landfills, and creates jobs for our skilled crew members who have faced barriers to employment.


We’re working towards a greener world

Details gives new life to old materials. Demolishing a house sends an untold number of quality goods straight to the landfill. What we rescue and provide to our Brick + Board store might be reborn as a reclaimed wood table at a cozy café, a one-of-a-kind countertop at a tranquil spa, or custom flooring at a boutique hotel. When up to 90% of reusable materials can be destroyed by demolition, deconstruction is always the better choice.

Our Team

We’re a part of Humanim, and proud of it.

Like the materials in your home, every member on our crew has a story—and working with Details gives them the opportunity to build a better future. Every Details worker was selected by our program staff in Baltimore and placed in a comprehensive training program. For every 1 job created by the typical demolition project, deconstruction creates 6 – 8. With many of Baltimore’s communities facing high unemployment rates, social enterprises like Details are critical to supplying jobs to community members who are eager to provide for their families.

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