“We intentionally hire from our most challenged communities, believing there’s a lot of talent there. We train them, invest in them…”

Check out the BBJ’s recent interview with our Director, Jeff Carroll about the work that Details does in both deconstruction and the community. The article highlights Details’ commitment to job creation and skills training for community members who have talent and potential, but may face social barriers to employment. It also highlights some of the environmental and financial benefits of deconstruction, including the tax incentive for residential landowners who need demolition services. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

What are some of the ways you repurpose the materials from these deconstruction sites?
In the residential market, we take down houses up and down the East Coast. Even all the way down to Florida and up to New England. Often, we’ll sell those materials locally or donate them to Habitat for Humanity. The material we take down locally, especially in Baltimore — the lumber inside those houses and the brick are both commodities on a market for used materials. We sell a lot of wood and brick, and we sell them as-is. We are ramping up with a mill shop to be able to process that material at least one level. We also go through wholesale and retail. We’re opening up a new store and a new location over in Remington. That will be a walk-in space for DIY-ers and creative people.

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