Details Deconstruction

We take apart the old to make room for the new.

What We Do

We’re building something together.

It’s the storied tin ceiling, or the hand-molded brick that clads the corridors of our Northeastern neighborhoods— every Baltimore rowhome and structure carries with it our history. Details Deconstruction strives to channel that history into growth and renewal, not just through the materials we salvage, but through the communities we help to restore.

Why Deconstruct?

Our process is simple.

  1. 1. We plan the removal project.
  2. 2. We take it apart piece by piece.
  3. 3. We salvage the materials for reuse or recycling.

Why We Do It

Our hearts
are in this.

Every brick has a story. Every piece of wood has a past. To our crew, this is more than a job— it’s a craft. We take pride in what we do so that every material we salvage has another chance at being part of something bigger. We’re finding new life for old materials, and securing fresh starts for our workers. After facing barriers to employment, our team of dedicated, precision deconstructors are reclaiming their own history. Let’s create new destinies together.

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